To Kill Its Power

First published on my current site With These Wings

With These Wings

It’s been a while. And there’s a reason for that. Not the usual writer’s block but rather simply not knowing how to “do it” anymore. I’m talking about writing the post. Stick with me and I’m going to try to “do it”. I’ll explain as we go along. There won’t be anything fancy, just text, because I simply don’t know how to do that stuff anymore. It seems to have gone from my brain and I’m back to being a beginner again. I can hardly find my way around a keyboard anymore.

A few weeks back, a friend asked me how I was. That’s always a hard question. Do they want to know the truth? Can they handle the truth? Can I handle telling them the truth? Or are they just being polite? For a multitude of reasons, those questions included, and a number of others, I told her was…

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