Alphabetical Listing of Posts: M-Z

Mad, Bad or Just Different

Mama’s Arms

Maybe I’m Not A Real Woman

Me And Mum (World Alzheimer’s Day)

Meet Duncan… A Black Dog

Mental Health versus Mental Illness… a Stigma Issue?

More Than You Can Handle

Mr Positive (And Becoming Little Miss Okay-With-That)

Music Therapy

My Alphabet Survey

My ‘Anti-Social Media’ Day

My Journey Through Grief

My Letter To America

My Saddest Day…

Namby-Pamby Flares

Neglected Friends

Never Say Never

No Regrets Now

No Tears


‘Normal’ Coveted In Christchurch

Not Sissies… Or Paupers

Nothing More Lonely

Now That Was Really Nice

On Being A Little ‘Weird’

One Day… I’m Gonna Fly

One Small Stand Against Stigma


Pain… 24/7

Peace Not War   (Passion Profile Challenge #1)

Peace on Earth


‘Pink & Sparkly’ From Aunty Cate

Play Nicely With The Other Kids

Please Don’t Mess With My Meds

Please Understand What It’s Like To Be Me (…Or A Giraffe)

Poison In, Poison Out

Preacher’s Kid (no preaching included!)

Prescriptions And Privacy

Psychiatric Medication Saved My Life

Pure BPD

Quitting Cold Turkey

Raining Down


Reality…   10,000+ Earthquakes And Counting

Remembering Trauma – Anzac Day 2014

Remembering Who I Am

Remember You’re a Womble (Or Whatever You Are)

Rest in Peace

Riding Trains

River of Flowers, 2014

Scared Of The Dark

Seeking… Opinions

Self Harm & Me

Self-Stigma… Am I My Own Worst Enemy?

September 11 – A Birthday ‘Girl’

Serious Attitude Problem

Seven Plus Seven

Shifting The Goal Posts Is Okay

‘Sick’… Is Driving Me Crazy

Silliness is good for my soul!

Sliding Scales (Actually Quite Good Considering)

Slightly Overwhelmed

Something Better Than Today

Something In the Wind? (TAGGED!)

Space Please (Passions Profile Challenge #7)

Spring Follows Winter

Stalked… But Still Hiding Some Of Me

Stand By Me… But Just A Few Will Do

Standing Idly By

Step Away From Your Screen

Stepping Somewhere Against Stigma

Stigma (Passions Profile Challenge #6)

Stigma Via Health Professionals

Still Standing Up To Stigma

Sunrise… To Improve Mental Health

Talking About The Weather

Ten Years Later, And I Have My Answer

Teetering On The Edge

That Little Girl

That Pair Of Jeans

“That’s Nice, Dear”

The Addict In Me Is Not Scum!

The Black Mark Against Mental Illness

The Body I Hate

The Day The Music (Lithium) Died

The Fibro Fighter (and another Award)

‘The Insatiable Moon’ Shining On Stigma

The Novelty Had Worn Off

The Other Side Of The Story

The Passions Profile Challenge

The Post That Nearly Didn’t Happen

The Reality of Me

The Season For Awards

The Storms

The Sunshine Pill

The Tale Of Plonker The Pig

“The Untreatables”

There Are Worse Things

There Will Be No Sorrow

This Has Been A Hard Day

This Is Getting On My Nerves

This Is My Fight (Song)

This Is Not About Animal Cruelty

This Light Of Mine

This Warrior Princess

Those In Peril On The Sea

Time To Call In The Troops (aka I Can ‘Do’ Tough!)

Time To Cut Back

“To Carry The Universe Or Be Crushed By It”

To Cope

To Earn Trust After Past Mistakes

To Give And To Receive

To See A Light That Shines


Toughing It Out

Trauma Takes Me Back Again

Uncharted Territory



Vicious Circle

Violating Community Standards

Vulnerable (aka Brave)


We Let Each Other Down

What Are The Scars All About?

What Are We Laughing At?

What Battles To Fight?

What Dad Taught Me About Shoes (Passions Profile Challenge #4)

What I Did And Didn’t Want

What I Missed Out in 2016

Whatever Happened To Lucy?

What Love Isn’t

What Matters To Me

What Matters To Me This Christmas Eve

What My Doctor Won’t Tell Me

What ‘Nice’ Means

What, You Too?

What’s Fair?

What’s Happening To Her?

What’s in a label?

What’s Wrong With Her? Why Is She Single? Doesn’t She Want To Have Children?  (Guest Post)

When Do You Lose Your Right To Be Treated Humanely

When Things Go Viral

When Your World Turns Upside Down (reposted)

Where Does Compassion Fit?

Where Is My God When It Hurts?

Who Would Have Guessed?

Who’s Going To Look After Me?

Who’s The Bully Now?

Why Can’t I Have Both?

Why I Disclosed My Mental Illness To My Employer

Will A Haircut Transform My Life?

Without Hope

World Mental Health Day (on kiwi time) 2012

World Mental Health Day 2013 (Kiwi Time)

World Mental Health Day 2015 – Dignity Or Do I Have To Beg?

World Mental Health Day 2016 – Real People

World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

Worth Fighting For

WTF!  How Old Am I?

You Are My Sunshine

You May Think That I Am Crazy

You Should Have Protected Me


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