Alphabetical Listing of Posts: A-L


10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Stigmatizing People With Mental Illness

A Band Of Warrior Women

A Bit Mental (Lilo The Waikato)

A Late Entry… Music (Passions Profile Challenge #3)

A Letter of Fibro Musings

A Man Named Jason… And Why I Cried

A Work In Progress

All I Want For Christmas

All or Nothing Kind of Girl

All Senses Engaged… Water (Passions Profile Challenge #8)

A Lolly Scramble in my Head

A Long Hard Journey

Almost Too Sensitive For The Regular World

Am I A Strong Person?

…And She Flew

An Anniversary I’m Not Celebrating

An Apple Never Falls Far From The Tree

An Idealist

An Opinion… On ‘Soz’

An Ungrateful Cow? (Maybe that’s Unfair On The Cow)

Anyone Hungry?

Anyone Up For A Game Of Truth And Dare?

Anything Other Than A Smile


Appreciate and Appreciated

A Revelation… About Recovery From Self Harm

A Soul Craving Music

(At Least) 67 Seasons In One Day

Award For… A Blog Heading For The Big Time (Hopefully!)

Awards, Awards et al.

Awards Night

Back To Music (Therapy)

Bad Press In Black & White

Beating Myself Over The Head With a Hammer

Beauty for Mourning

Being Compassionate To Myself

Being Heard

Being ‘Normal’ With Mushrooms… For Mental Well-being

‘Being There’ In Psychotherapy

Belated Acknowledgments And Thanks


Big Ears

Blessed… And Otherwise


Blog For Mental Health 2013

Blog For Mental Health 2014 (Four In Four)

Bloggers Unite for Peace

BPD – Why It’s Hard To Talk About

Borrowed Hope

Bricks… courtesy of a friend

Bubbles Burst

“But He’s Such A Nice Man”

Can The Mentally Ill Get Treated Fairly?

Careless Words

Cate: 1   BPD: 0

Cate’s Crocodiles

Cautiously Optimistic

Celebrity Rating Of Stigma


Child-free Emotions

Child’s Play

Choosing To Be Fully Alive

Christmas Resolutions (2013)

Christmas With Mental Illness (2013)

Claiming My Voice Back

Clarification Of The Unspoken

Cost Benefit Analysis Ramblings

Courage Required

Crocodiles & Three Wise Men

Cure Me, I’m Depressed

Dancing with Dad

Dare To See It Differently Campaign


Defining Friendships

Definition of Stupid

Demolishing Stigma

Depression and It’s Effects On Self-Esteem – The Naked Truth!

Deserving of Our Care… Animals (Passions Profile Challenge #2)

Disappointed By Humanity

Disappointed In Me


Dona Nobis Pacem (2012)

Dona Nobis Pacem (2013)

Dona Nobis Pacem – 2016

Dona Nobis Pacem – 9/11

Done (Passions Profile Challenge)

Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine

Don’t You Hate It When…?

Easter Kiwi Style… My Version

ECT – How It Was For Me

Even When Your Voice Shakes

Facing The Mundane Realities Of Chronic Illness

Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight…

Fathers Day

Fatigued Hope


Fibro Backlash

Fibro Fear?!?

Fighting Tooth And Nail

Finding My Voice


Flawed… Or Perfectly Formed?

Foraging In Dark Places

For A Good Night’s Sleep

Four Types Before Me

Giving Up Nicotine

Going Around In Circles

Good From Bad

Good Intentions

 Grieving For My Red Balloon

Guest Blogger – Cate Reddell – “Morning Hope”

Gut Instinct

Halfway To A Hundred

Happiness Is…

Healing Takes Time

Healthcare Kiwi Style

Hello world!  This is my turn…

Here Comes The Sun

He Was One Of The Good Guys

Hey, I’m It Again!


‘Honorary Status’ Brotherhood

Honouring The Silly In Other People

Honour Thy Parents

Hope For Discarding The Imagined Ugliness

Hope… I’m Back Writing It

Hope Is A Four Letter Word I Use Now

How Borderline Personality Disorder Feels To Me

How Do I Love A Human?

How to… Forgive

How Borderline Personality Disorder Feels To Me

How We Treat Our Mentally Ill

Human 2 Human

Hurtling In CyberSpace

I Am Not A Demented Chameleon!

“I Am Worth Loving Too” Challenge

I Changed My Mind

I Couldn’t Say It Better

I Don’t Do Grey, Not Even Fifty Shades

I Don’t Do The New Year Thing

I Don’t Usually Do Poetry But…

I got a Tell Me About Yourself Award

I Got Tagged

Imagined Ugliness

I Matter

I’m Not Having A Baby

I Need A ‘Dislike’ Button

I Needed to Know This


It Has To Matter… Mental Health (Passions Profile Challenge #9)

It Remains The Same Until…

It’s Been A While…

I’ve Got Nothing To Complain About

I Want It…  And I Want It Now

I Want To Change The World

Illustrating Stigma

I Love Technology

I Love This!

I Needed to Know This

I’m Just Plain Weird

Imagine What This “Crazy Accident” Does to Mental Health

In My Corner Of The World… There Is Hope


International Day of Peace



Is It Just Me?

Is There a Sign On My Back?

Is This Significant?

It Made My Day

It’s All In Your Head!

It’s My Party…

It’s Not All About Me

It Won’t Happen To Me

I’ve Joined Canvas

I Wanted To Be Sick

Just Like Me

Just One More

Just One Touch Campaign 2012

Kia Kaha

Knowing What Is Right For Me

Last Post (…Mile, Kilometre, or Lap)

Leaving My Comfort Zone

Lessons For Cate So Far…

Lessons I Must Have Missed

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Let’s Do That One Again

Letting Go Of Balloons

Let The One Who Has Never Fallen


Lighting Up Train Tunnels

Like Bees To A Honey Pot

Like Minds, Like Mine


Living with chronic pain – the reality.

Long Enough

Loneliness – the secret hell of mental illness

Loose Ends At The Start of Mental Health Awareness Week

‘Losing’ my Religion (Passions Profile Challenge #5)

Lost For Words

Love Doesn’t Cure Mental Illness

Love Is…  (A Guest Post)


Lucy In The Sound Dome With Diamonds



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