10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Stigmatizing People With Mental Illness

I don’t reblog often. Actually hardly ever. But Rachel Griffin’s post here makes for some great reading. and so I have broken my rule. It’s long, but well worth making it a ‘must read’.

This is the billboard she talks about:



I normally post online about Muppets, coffee, musicals and cats, (not Cats the musical, the furry-animal-kind) but recently all I’ve been posting about is the Kenneth Cole billboard that links mental illness and gun violence. Why? #1 Because it perpetuates mental illness stigma. #2 The effects of that stigma are devastating.

Yes, I am now on a tireless quest to get people to understand why the billboard basically ate my soul when I saw it. CRUNCH! Don’t worry- I recovered my soul, undamaged. Souls are really durable.

I posted a blog critiquing the billboard on Facebook which was mostly ignored.. (got maybe 2 likes) I’ve had friends say, “What’s wrong with the billboard again?” I got 318 likes on another post.. but that one was about my hair. :/

Believe me, I miss my tweets about Kermit and the keyboard cat, too, but for now I need to focus…

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6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Stigmatizing People With Mental Illness

  1. This is the first that I have heard about this billboard and it makes me sick! It would be just like saying 40million people suffer from Bulimia. Some have access to help, but all have access to food!!!! I think that it is wrong in so many ways to connect mental illness with gun violence. I strongly believe people that commit serious crimes with guns have more issues then just mental illness. Its wrong to put individuals that suffer from mental illness in a category of people that could potentially be dangerous with weapons. For the 1% of people out there that act out of rage and cause hate and disconnect with weapons, they may have issues just like everyone else, but to stereo type the rest of the 99% is wrong! This is just my 2 cents.

    Tim Foster http://awarriorsstruggle.net

    1. Hi Tim, I totally agree with all you say, and I wish that there was a way to get this billboard down. To the best of my knowledge it is still up, although I admit I’m not sure where it is. Not being an American I confess that it didn’t mean much when I saw it. I would suggest that you contact Rachel Griffin (who wrote this post). If you are on Twitter you will find her at @RachelGriffin22 She has been gathering voices who stand again sucj stigma as demonstrated by Kenneth Cole’s billboard. If you haven’t already made contact with her, I am sure she would love to hear from you.

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