Raining Down

There is a Ukrainian orphanage not far from the site of the debris from Malaysian Airlines MH 17.  This week the staff have had to send away 200 plus children from the orphanage to somewhere the children “could heal”.  Last Thursday as the children were playing in the fields next to the orphanage, bodies started to rain down around them.  Not just bodies but body parts.  Can you imagine that?  For the life of me I can’t imagine bodies falling from the sky around me.  I am thankful that I can’t imagine it.  But these children will always know.

In all the horrific news this past week, this story really struck me.  Firstly the innocence of children being caught up in the wars happening on our planet.  But more so because these children live in an orphanage and by that sheer fact it is reasonable to assume that they have already suffered more trauma than any person should.  And now to have to be sent away from their ‘home’ so that they can heal from more trauma just seems so wrong to me.  These children deserve the protection of adults, yet it is adults who are making these wars.

Another news story and children were playing hide and seek on the beachfront of Gaza when missiles launched in hatred rained down on the children, both killing some and injuring others.  Again, children who should be safe.

There has been so much tragedy, affecting thousands of innocent people.  And it continues.  What scares me perhaps most is that this becomes common place.  That we somehow become comfortable with the bloodshed.  Of course those affected personally, those who have lost loved ones, they will never become comfortable with it.  But what about the rest of us?  Do we just become used to this?  Please god, no!

If my counting is correct, there have been three planes down this past week.  Three planes too many.  A quick search on the net today tells me that something like 15 planes have been shot down since the 1980s.  I admit I don’t remember any of them.  When the tragedy of MH17 is foremost in our minds this week, it is hard to imagine that we could forget.  But we will.  We will move on and there will be some other tragedy in the news.

I believe that we owe it to the children to remember.  To say this is wrong, and to keep saying it until it is heard.  It is one thing to say that Ukraine and Gaza are so far away.  “What can we do?”  “It was not our playing fields where bodies rained down on innocence.”  That is so true, but it could easily have been our children, our people.

I do not believe that war is the answer in any of these situations.  Bloodshed of innocent people is just wrong.  And if we don’t start saying it more, then no one is going to hear.

I feel heartbroken by what is happening in our world.  I can’t bear to watch news reports. Like reports of  lines of hearses in The Netherlands yesterday waiting to take bodies away for identification.  Recently I haven’t been able to cry, even though there have been plenty of things to cry about.  Simply there have been no tears.  But now I cry.

It would be easier to not watch the footage.  It would be easier to say “it’s too hard to watch” but I think I owe it to the victims to watch.  More so, I think I owe it to the victims to speak out and say that this is wrong.  There has to be another way.  I believe that way is peace.  And if we, the relatively unaffected, don’t say so then who will?

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.”

— John Lennon



8 thoughts on “Raining Down

  1. Nothing I can add to this beautifully conceived post, Cate. I was just recently saying to our SSG that sometimes I think the only way to have any semblance of happiness in this world is to be blissfully ignorant of what’s happening. But that’s an entirely unsatisfying answer.

    1. Blissful ignorance sounds tempting, but then I wonder how far we would have to go back to reach that point? As you say though, unsatisfying. I suspect nothing is satisfying in all of this.

  2. Recently my heart has ached for the situation in Gaza… why don’t we appear to be doing more to bring an end to such heinous crimes against humanity across the globe?

    It’s frightening, but I think we have become desensitised and too ready to move on from all these disgusting acts of violence and murder. This is no more obvious than the choice of stories featured in our daily national news. It seems to condition us to flit from one atrocity to another. A similar thing happens whenever we hear nothing of the countless unreported cases of child poverty, abuse and murder, which are actually happening closer to home.

    A very thought provoking post!

    1. I totally agree Cat. It makes me sad how easily society ‘moves on’. Something else i the news to catch the headlines when people are still suffering. I read some comments on a social media post somewhere that said we just have to move on and not get upset by what we see in the news. personally I think that if we simple move on to the next item of news then we never fix what is broke.

  3. “Can you imagine that? For the life of me I can’t imagine bodies falling from the sky around me. I am thankful that I can’t imagine it. But these children will always know.”

    Horrific sadness in that reality…

    Powerful and superbly-written post that resonates so deeply with me. Thank you for these potent words of truth.

    “I think I owe it to the victims to speak out and say that this is wrong. There has to be another way. I believe that way is peace. And if we, the relatively unaffected, don’t say so then who will?”

    Aye aye, most indubitably. Thank you so much for this.


    Autumn Jade

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