Guest Blogger – Cate Reddell – “Morning Hope”

I don’t usually re-blog, but want to share with you a new blog that I have just written a guest post for. I love the sunrise, and I like this couple’s enthusiasm for capturing it in pictures and words

The Sunrise Goal

By Cate Reddell of Infinite Sadness… or Hope? 

I knew straight away, that it was going to be a good sunrise today. I had sat down on my back doorstep, while I waited for my coffee to brew. Strangely, for this time of year, it was warm. It was almost pitch black, except for a few wispy clouds showing a very clear pink tinge to them. I was a little early for the sunrise, but my bet was that it would be worth seeing.I went inside to drink my coffee, and came back 20 minutes later. The sky (as you can see from my photo) was alive. It was glowing with hope for another day. The photo doesn’t do it justice, and actually within minutes of taking it, the sky had lost its dramatic look, and had returned to a pretty normal looking morning.

No time to tell anyone nearby to come and look…

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