‘Honorary Status’ Brotherhood

I have two brothers who are both very special to me.  We don’t always see eye to eye, but they’re my big brothers and pretty much, they’ve always been there when I needed them.  Right from when I requested they not attend my fifth birthday party.  I think the reason was something to do with me not thinking they mattered as much as my friends, and room around the table and for once I got my own way.  Now I know better.  Brothers matter greatly.

One of my brothers has been amazing with his financial help over some very difficult years, and the other has been of more practical help (but he’s still welcome to give me his money anytime! And yes, that is a hint :-))  He’s the one to keep arriving with the trailer when I was shifting houses, and do all the heavy lifting.  Because he now lives nearby he is the one I get the hugs from, when I need them.  Well, when I can go and get them anyway.  They are both important to me, and so when I received word of this Award, I thought of my own kin first.

Kevin of Voices of the Glass has very kindly bestowed upon me  A Brotherhood of World Bloggers Award ‘Honorary Status’.  Being a part of a Brotherhood is a significant honour in my mind.

This Award has no rules, and is just mine to have and appreciate.  It is very much appreciated. My blogger brothers are important to me and so I am greatly honoured to receive this Award.  Thank you Kevin. 🙂

I’m leaving you with this song for each one of my blogger brothers.  I enjoy the unique perspective that you bring to what seems a very female-dominated part of the blogosphere.  It’s always great to have another way of looking at things.


7 thoughts on “‘Honorary Status’ Brotherhood

  1. Congratulations, Cate! 🙂 And, I’m so glad that you have such wonderful brothers who love and support you. That’s such a great thing. I have two older brothers too, and like you said, “Brothers matter greatly” indeed!

  2. Congratulations! You certainly deserve it.

    Things are weird with my brother right now. My mother hasn’t spoken to him in months, because he owes her money. I adore him; I haven’t seen him much at all in the past decade because his wife hates me (long story, but the basics are that she thinks I’ll hurt her kids because I have a mental illness) but I think of him often and miss him terribly. Because of the control my mother has, I can’t speak to him. It breaks my heart to hear her slagging him off.

    1. That must be really hard. Actually I have a similar issue with one of my brothers right now but I hang onto that we were always close and I hope one day we might be again, although like you I suspect his wife might be an issue. Hmm.

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