Something In the Wind? (TAGGED!)

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Yes, I too, have been tagged.  There seems to be quite a bit of this going on, so perhaps there is something in the wind.  Thank you to Kevin at Voices of Glass for tagging me and making sure I didn’t get left out (that was always my fear in playing tag as a kid).

The rules set before me are:

1.  Post the rules. √ Done
2.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.  √ Done
3.  Create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.  √ Done
4.  Tag (eleven) people with a link to your post.  √ Done (Well we’ll get to that later)
5.  Let them know they’ve been tagged.  √ Done

Before I go any further I need to explain that I started to answer the wrong questions.  Obviously my brain wasn’t in gear and I was half way through before I realised.  So actually what you get is half of the questions Kevin answered and half of the ones he asked.  Confused?  Apologies.  Anyway here are the answers you’re getting…

1.  What is your proudest moment from your blogging career?  Actually it just happened recently when someone told me that I had given them hope.  What more could I ask for?  It not only made my day, it made my blogging career.  So a special thank you goes to the person concerned for sharing this with me (they know who they are).

2.   What is your proudest moment in your life?  That’s a hard one.  My wedding was my first thought but then I was so high on Valium (to make sure I went through with it) I can’t remember anything of it.  How could I be proud of something that didn’t work and I can’t remember anyway?  So I’m going to go with when I got my degree in 2008 (Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Social Work if you’re wondering).  I admit I was too freaked out by crowds to face the graduation ceremony so I just got mine handed to me in the registry office.  That suited me just fine.

3.  What makes you feel happy when your down? Seeing the sea helps me feel better.  It’s only a 10 minute drive away so I’m lucky.  Or else there is always my nieces and nephews.  They always make me smile and three of them are only 40 minutes away.

4.   Is there a particular song that makes you happy?

Apologies for the poor sound but it was a little more interesting than the usual version.  As for why this song?  For reasons I’m not going to go into (because you’ll then know that I am completely crazy) the song reminds me of my Dad.  And actually the Sesame Street version kind of fits for the same reason.  It’s always good to be able to be silly, in spite of myself.

5.  Do you have any tattoos and if so what and where are they? At the moment I have no tattoos but for about a year now I have been seriously considering getting one.  I just haven’t completely decided where I want it.  I’ve narrowed it down to my wrist or my shoulder.  But it is going to happen.  And who said people with BPD were impulsive???

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6.  If I was to get a tattoo on my left buttock and you could have absolute say in what I got tattooed there – words or picture or both – what would you choose and why?  (And trust me there is plenty of room for quite a few words LOL ( Now there’s a mental picture you never needed! LOL) Oh and answering ‘wide load’ would not be nice!  Kevin has a series on his blog of Funny Words, (which is well worth checking out) although I’m often inclined to believe he simply makes words up.  He says he doesn’t but…  Anyway the last word was ‘Flibbertigibbety‘.  He openly said he was inclined to be this way sometimes and I think it would only be appropriate to have his butt labelled as such… and maybe a picture of his gremlin (see here).

7.   If you could be one human movie character of the same gender as you which character would you choose and why?  Please also name the movie as well as the character in case we don’t know them. I admit I’m not good at remembering movies but I’m going with Janeane Garofalo from The Truth About Cats & Dogs.  She was the vet with really low self esteem but I’m pretty sure she won her man in the end.  And she was so good with the animals.

8.   If you could be one human movie character of the opposite gender to you which character would you choose and why? Please also name the movie as well as the character in case we don’t know them.  Another difficult one but Baines (Harvey Keitel) in The Piano.  What a man!  And a great NZ movie too.  If you’ve never seen it check it out.

9.  If you could be one non-human movie character which character would you choose and why? Please also name the movie as well as the character in case we don’t know them.    Alf the Alien from the TV series.  I’m guessing it was the 1980’s.  Back then I just loved it.  And he became a movie character at some stage.  But please be aware I’m not talking about Elf.

10.  Beauty pageants often require the participants to demonstrate an individual skill or talent – if you were in a beauty pageant which individual skill or talent would you demonstrate?  I’d have to sing.  I’m not sure how I would demonstrate blogging on stage so singing is about the only other talent I have. 😉

11.  What part of your body would you change if you could and how would you change it and why?  (If this is too personal  just makes something silly up like adding wings to yourself or simply decline from answering lol)  You have to be kidding.  I have an eating disorder and a body image problem.  I’d change the lot.  Okay so that’s not an option?  How about what I wouldn’t change?  I’d keep my hair.  I have curly hair and I like it that way.  Everything else can go.  LOL.  One final comment, is that the addition of wings would be great.  Travel would be so much cheaper.


As you will see I have completely broken the rules by answering the questions I wanted to, and avoiding those I didn’t (accidentally).  I’m also breaking more rules and opening this up to anyone who wants to be tagged,because I know lots of people have been tagged already.

As for my questions:

1.  What is your favourite movie of all time, and why?

2.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? (extra points if you choose NZ!)

3.  Why do you blog?

4.  What is your personal definition of happiness?

5.  What is your favourite milkshake flavour?

6.  If you had to give yourself a pen name for your latest novel being published, what would you call yourself?

7.  What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

8.  What are you most proud of?

9.  What do you make of karma?

10.  What is your favourite treat?

11.  Who would you love to meet?

So do you want to play?  Consider yourself tagged and go for it…


8 thoughts on “Something In the Wind? (TAGGED!)

  1. I love your picture of being tagged, although I admit it took me a moment to get it!! HA!! 😀 I enjoyed reading all your answers and I have to say #6 is my favorite — simply because we’re both friends with Kevin and I can see him smiling as he reads your answer!! 🙂

    Good job, Cate!! Oh, I also liked the combo of questions to answer!! Pretty cool, actually!! I also like the new questions you came up with and may, at some future date when my brain isn’t so tired — these past few days, or maybe this whole week, seems to have taken its toll on my brain!! Do you ever feel like that? It’s a weird feeling!! — I’ll take you up on your challenge and answer your questions!!

    Take care!!

    1. Thanks Kathy. I’d really like to see the look on Kevin’s face when he reads number 6. No doubt he’ll have a few words for me, but it serves him right for asking. LOL

      Yes, I totally understand that feeling when your brain is in overload. Actually I think I might be having one of those today (yesterday was a busy day). So look after yourself and don’t get impatient with yourself. That’s what I’m telling myself (or trying to) so you should too. It’s okay to have days like that. 🙂

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