I Love Technology

I have now changed my domain address to match my new name but while I thought WordPress would re-direct from the old address, I now find it doesn’t.  Ah, such fun!  So please be assured that I am here under:


My Facebook page will remain the same, as Facebook seems unable to cope with my change. The link to that continues to be:


If I am on your blogroll, or list of blogs you follow I would much appreciate it if you could update my blog address.

I apologise for the inconvenience if you lost me momentarily, but all is well and housekeeping is hopefully sorted.


6 thoughts on “I Love Technology

  1. So, great to hear, Cate! Love the new name and such a wonderful message it provides. I was worried there for a moment when I went to visit your blog right now, and decided to check out your FB page to see what was up. I was relieved to see it was just a new address. 🙂 I changed my address back in the beginning when I first started blogging, and I was able to link the old address with the new (current) one. I believe if you go to your dashboard, then “name of the blog under the account” > settings > domains, then you can see both blog domains that are under that blog on your account. Then, you just check the radio box for the one that is the primary domain, and that should auto redirect the others for that same site. Not sure if this will work for you too, but hopefully it helps.

    So glad to see you’re blog is still here. 🙂

    1. Ahh! You’re exactly the person I needed. Thank you. I’m on my way there now. Thanks so much. Am I the only one who gets frustrated with not being able to find things on WordPress? drives me… well you know the word. 🙂

      1. LOL. It won’t let me do it. The old URL has now been completely replaced and doesn’t exist now. I think I need coffee. Thank you though.

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