Awards, Awards et al.

I can imagine that if you are not a blogger, then you might perhaps imagine that Blogging Awards get handed around like what we Kiwi’s know as Weetbix cards.  What I mean is the cards/toys/freebies that come (or at least used to come) with cereal packets and then be swapped around by kids.  Actually they mean a whole lot more than that to me, and I suspect to every blogger.

Bloggers can watch their statistics of how many read a post but there is no statistic of books sold or the like.  Comments are an excellent way of getting feedback from readers (including other bloggers) and I love getting comments either through my blog here, or my Facebook page.  But Awards tell me that another blogger recognises and appreciates my writing.  That is a little bit like getting a review printed on mee, and isn’t that what all writer’s want?

In the last couple of weeks I have collected a number of Awards, and because of both what was going on personally for me, and what I had on my mind as that which I needed to say here, I haven’t had the opportunity to tell you about them, thank my nominators and carry about the expectations of each particular Award.

First, came nominations from Kevin of Voices of Glass and from Eileen of …But She’s Crazy for the:

I really appreciate both Kevin and Eileen’s workmanship in their blogs (that’s a big hint to go check them out) so when they tell me they like what I am doing on mine, that means the world to me.  The criteria for this Award is that the blog must be informational, honest, raw, and outstanding.  That’s pretty much how I see both their blogs so to have them recognise Infinite Sadness… or what? for that is awesome.  It’s exactly what I wanted my blog to be.  So a huge thank you to you both.

I want to share with you the comments Kevin made in his post when he announced his nomination of me, because it was something about my country of New Zealand that I had never stopped to consider.  Maybe if you are a kiwi too, you may also not have stopped to think about this:

“Plus she is from New Zealand – a country whose air force – The Royal New Zealand Airforce has as it’s logo (as can be seen from the picture below) i the centre of it.  You have to admire the sheer defiance and optimism of an airforce which has as it’s emblem a FLIGHTLESS bird.   LOL sorry Cate but somebody had to point it out.”

Logo of the RNZAF – as noted by Kevin

Thanks Kevin.  I always enjoy your humour, even at the expensive for us kiwis.

The next Award to arrive in my mailbox was from another of my favourite blogs. Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars kindly nominated me for

This is a lovely surprise because her blog is wonderful.  I love the amount of work that she puts into her blogging in spite of the trials she lives with, and her wide readership is just one sign of how great she writes.  She is a blogger that I look up to and I very much appreciate the sneak view into her world.  Thank you.  From you, I feel quite honoured to be nominated.

The One Lovely Blog Award  comes with a few requirements of me, one of which is to list seven (unknown) things about me.  Firstly please accept my apologies if I have told you any of this before:

  1. I am hopeless at Maths and seem to be getting worse with age.
  2. I only passed Chemistry at school because my mother had previously been a science teacher and did all my equations for me.  That said, it is probably the one and only time I ever had her wrapped around my little finger.
  3. At high school (and remember this was in the late 1970’s) I assumed girls could be teachers, nurses, typists (with a typewriter not a computer! LOL) or secretaries.  I was adamant I wasn’t going to be a typist or secretary so refused to learn typing at school.  In hindsight, I’m glad I wasn’t ever a typist or secretary (although no offence to those who choose to be) but touch typing would sure be handy now.
  4. My first car was a 1968 Ford Escort.  The first time I drove it through the Mt Victoria Tunnel in Wellington at peak hour (a rather busy stretch of road) the gear stick came off (separated from the care) in my hand.  It was time to panic!
  5. My current car is a 1989 ‘vintage’.  Anything aged older than my eldest nephew (14) must be vintage.  It is a very weird pink colour.  The dealer convinced me it was really red but on the ownership papers it is described as watermelon.  Now I bet no one else has a watermelon for a car? LOL.
  6. I love Cadbury Picnic bars.  You can win me over with one any day.
  7. I am currently reading The Midwife’s Confession by Diane Chamberlain.  I don’t think it’s really my thing but it is advertised as being along the lines of Jodi Picoult, and (for entertainment) I like her books.

That brings me to seven.  I notice though that yet again I have just about written a whole post on each one.  Slight exaggeration but I need to learn to be succinct.  Why can other people just write a few words for each one?

Anyway… moving right along (instead of putting myself down).

Kevin from Voices of Glass has also nominated me for this Award:

This Award is apparently awarded to bloggers who in their writing demonstrate a passion for writing and for the subject matter on which they are writing.  When I think about that it is something that I wanted to be recognised in me for a long time, so this is a great honour to receive this from Kevin.  Thanks again Kevin.

Now the important part of nominations.  As I said, Blogging Awards are something that, while they seem to be flowing thick and fast at times, they do actually mean a lot and so I take the task of handing on nominations seriously.  I have to admit I’ve lost count but I suspect I need to nominate seven for each Award I received, making 28 bloggers.  I’m not going to, because while I could (because I read a lot of blogs) I would rather highlight just a few special bloggers.

Nomination for Outstanding Blogger Award

For the Outstanding Blogger Award, which is for a blog that must be informational, honest, raw, and outstanding, I would like to award this to Brett Batten.  I have learnt so much from Brett (I’m not sure I wanted to know all that I have learnt though… but I’m glad I do now) and have been much inspired by him in the time I have been following him to keep up the message of reducing mental health stigma in our world, sooner rather than later.  This Award is much deserved and I encourage you to check out his blog.

Nomination for One Lovely Blog Award

I am nominating another Canadian, this time Nikki at Just another Canadian Gurl.  I really appreciate Nikki’s fresh style in writing about what comes and goes in her life.  Scratch the surface and there is so much more than meets the eye.  So again, please check out her blog.  You won’t be sorry. 

I’m not sure what it is about Canadian’s (and I’m not being paid by some Canadian Blogger’s Federation or whatever, but they all seem to produce outstanding blogs, in all sorts of subjects.  It must be something in the air up there.

Nomination for Thanks for Writing Award

The final nomination I want to make at this time is to an amazing blogger who inspires me greatly.  To remind you this Award is for someone who demonstrates a passion for writing and for the subject matter on which they are writing.  This nomination is for Being a Beautiful Mess.  This is one of those blogs I somehow picked up along the way, probably because I saw someone else was following it, and I became hooked by her honesty and her passion for not only what she writes about but seemingly for life.  She seems to me to take life by both horns and… make life happen.  Her experience is quite different from mine, and I like that (it is good to read a range of material).  I find I am hanging out for the next post.

So apologies if I have done it wrong, and not by the rules.  It simply means more to me this way and I suppose I am just not a mass market kind of person.  Congratulations to those I have nominated, and a huge thank you to those who nominated me.


“I feel like my peers now are artists like Madonna and the Stones, Michael Jackson and Prince. These are people who were able to take their careers beyond the normal here-today-gone-tomorrow life span.”

 – LL Cool J


12 thoughts on “Awards, Awards et al.

    1. Hey Colin, I’ve noticed you were MIA and I would have got in my watermelon and headed over if that were possible. Unfortunately my watermelong doesn’t float across the Pacific. Thanks, and nice to hear from you. Cate 😎

  1. I am so honored by your nomination and kind words. You are so right that these blogging awards really mean a lot. Thank you for thinking of me and congratulations on your well-deserves awards!

  2. Awww thanks for the super awesome award,,,it’s so damn pretty!!! Things have been pretty boring in life over here lately,,but the move is only 6 days away,,and I will have so many adventures to blog about 🙂
    I hope your feeling a little better!
    And now, I must go blog about my beautiful award!
    Thanx again.

      1. No not frantic,,just excited. I really don’t have very much to move. Just clothes, a t.v, mini notebook computer,a bag of grocerys,,and a few boxes of dvd’s and nick nacks. I really AM,,starting anew,,lol. I also have 2 boxes of xmas stuff,,that ex said he will bring over closer to the holidays. So,,I am totally ready to go!

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