To Give And To Receive

They say it’s better to give than to receive, but today I’m going to do both…  because I can.

As I think everyone will be aware the Awards season is well and truly rolling, and I feel very blessed to have already been on the receiving end of three awards.  But then a fourth flew out of my computer screen.

Being A Beautiful Mess has very generously and kindly nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Being A Beautiful Mess is fast becoming one of my favourite blogs to follow.  Not just because she nominated me for this, but because her blog is always very interesting.  I think she offers a unique perspective on the things she writes about that is refreshing, honest and always catches my attention.  You know, some bloggers do an excellent job of praising other blogs but I don’t think I’ll ever make a review critic because I just don’t seem to have the right words.  What I will say though is that I really like this blog.  I’m not just saying that, and it would be well worth heading over to check it out.

The rules of receiving this award are:

1. Add the award to your blog

2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.

3. Mention 7 random things about yourself.

4. List the rules.

5. Give the award to 15 or more bloggers.

So, seven random things about me are: (and please forgive me if I’ve told you this before)

1. I am right-handed

2. I am always at my computer armed with a large cup of strong coffee (none of this instant stuff either)

3. I have a bad habit of eating breakfast cereal for dinner (a joy of living alone)

4. I love kiwi music and I’d encourage you to check these two favourites out.  The second one is a good one for home-sick kiwis, I’ve seen it described as the ‘real NZ National Anthem’.

5. I regularly wake myself up sleep talking, and anyone who dares sleep with me is at risk of being hit by me (as I sleep)

6. I once compered a fashion show but will never make a model

7. I enjoy reading Jodi Picoult books to chill out, and have read all but the latest one.

At this point I am going to deviate from the rules.  I’m not going to nominate anyone as there are simply so many Awards flying around that I’m going to bow out for now;


I would still like to nominate someone for another award.

The Mental Health Writer’s Guild, of which I am a member, has a special Award members can award when they are simply inspired by the openness and courage that the blogger has displayed in their writing or what they were sharing.

The Warrior Child Award
from The Mental Health Writers Guild

I have been aware of such a blog for a while, but because she was taking a break I wanted to wait to award it when she was able to start posting again.  So I’d like to award The Warrior Child Award to

 Redheadcase’s Blog

 Redheadcase’s Blog is a wonderfully open and honest account of a very difficult journey through mental illness.  I love the way she is so honest and frank, holding nothing back because she wants people to understand how easily this can happen to anyone, but also how easily people can show others that they care.  It is well worth checking her blog out.

Just so you know this Award, by any member of the Mental Health Writers’ Guild, it is awarded without reservation or expectation to any blogger who, in the opinion of that Guild Member, has demonstrated in their writing both the ability to be as strong, determined or brave as a warrior whilst at the same time also showing that they too are as vulnerable as a child.

Please note that whilst the Warrior Child Award can only be awarded by Guild members recipients do NOT have to be Mental Health Writers’ Guild Members.

As I said there are no expectations to do anything.  No crazy random things, no nominations, nothing.  Just accept it with my total admiration, support and encouragement to keep posting as you have much of value to say.


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