Done (Passions Profile Challenge)

I’m finally done on  The Passions Profile Challenge .  It was meant to take me 10 days to cover 10 passions.  It took me 33 days to cover nine.  So much for timing, but I quickly decided to spread it all out and actually I’m glad I did.  I took on the Challenge at the suggestion of my friend Kevin from Voices of Glass.  It was a great idea of his and I’d recommend that you consider giving it a go.  If you are interested, check out how Eileen from …But She’s Crazy handled her Challenge too.

For a very long time I haven’t really been passionate about much, thanks to mental illness.  Physical illness hasn’t helped either, as my focus was just about getting through one day to the next.  So while I knew in the back of my mind, that there were things I felt strongly about, I really hadn’t given any of it much thought.  When Kevin laid out the Challenge I originally thought that it sounded like too much work (I’m being honest).  The Challenge was to come up with up to 10 passions, and I seriously wondered whether I would get to five.  I just hadn’t really stopped to think about what was important to me.  I had some innate feelings but that was about it.

So while this Challenge presented me with some hard work including plenty of thought, I would recommend it to you.  If you’re not really sure what is important to you, you’ll know when you’ve completed the Challenge.  I guess one big advantage for me is seeing that actually what I put my time into at the moment is the right thing for me.  I’m not getting sidetracked, wasting time on things that might look fun but not be important to me.

So why not give it a go.

“By annihilating the desires, you annihilate the mind. Every man without passions has
within him no principle of action, nor motive to act.”
Claude Adrien Helvetius

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