The Passions Profile Challenge

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My blogger friend Kevin of Voices of Glass has set down a challenge.  My first thought when I read his challenge was “I don’t have time for this”.  But then after some long, hard thinking I came to the conclusion that to take up his challenge would be good for me, and hopefully interesting to you.

Kevin makes the good point that when you’re dealing day to day with mental and physical illness some things get left behind.  There just isn’t room in my head to stop and think about what I am passionate about.  I’m too busy just trying to get to the end of each day in time to start another.  When I am depressed, I can’t focus on much else apart from survival.

So the challenge is to:

1. Write your own ‘Passions Profile’.  That is:

  • a.) List 10 things which you are personally very passionate about. (If you can’t manage 10 then don’t worry just list as many as you can and add to your list later if you want to.)
  • b.)Having written your list write a short one-paragraph explanation of that passion under each one of those items on the list.

2. Publish your ‘Passions Profile’ on your blog along with the Challenge Committment’ (see below) to take up the ‘Passions Profile Challenge’.

I Cate, of the Infinite Sadness… or what?  blog, hereby commit to taking up the ‘Passions Profile Challenge’ and I hereby promise that I will, where able, over the next days look at, and explore, a different passion each day.

Furthermore, having done so I also commit to then publishing how I did so for that particular passion and also share my experiences of having done so.

I’ll be honest from the start.  This is daunting for me but then sometimes the hard things are the most rewarding, so I’m giving it a go.  Like I’ve already said I have gone for years without really giving any thought to anything I might regard as a passion.  Actually for a lot of the time my passion was to do my best to destroy myself.  Thankfully that is changing and that is why I’m taking on this Challenge.  Another issue for me in doing this is that I’m used to being told that I am idealistic and not realistic, along with a few other accusations.  But this isn’t about having to make it practical to change the world.  Just how I’d like things to be different.

First of all I need to make sure I’m on the right track.  Just what is a passion?  The Dictionary tells me that ‘passion’ means:

1.  a strong and barely controllable emotion;

2.  a state or outburst of strong emotion;

3.  an intense sexual love

4.  an intense desire or enthusiasm for something

5.  a thing arousing great enthusiasm

So for my purposes, and a fear that my 14 and 12 year old nephews might decide to read this, I will skip item 3 and conclude that passion means something I feel strongly about.  Whether I go as far as enthusiasm or not, is really dependent on my mental state of mind.  Enthusiasm being something difficult to conjure up when one’s mind is not quite straight.

Those passions, with a brief statement include:

Mental health
I feel strongly about achieving mental health for myself but also helping others to get there too.

  •  Stigma
    Going back to the Dictionary for a moment:  Stigma means a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. I feel strongly about people being judged because of a particular characteristic which may or may not be of their choose.   Examples include mental illness,some physical illnesses,expression of sexuality and religion.
  • Care of animals
    It breaks my heart to see animals abused and neglected.
  • Social Justice
    For want of a description of what I mean I found that in my country Social Justice is seen as Equal Distribution, Tolerance, Equal Treatment, Criminal Justice, Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities, Legislative, Responsibility, Democratic, Collectivism  and Individualism.  While I feel strongly about all of these, to tackle them all will be more than a mouthful.  So please excuse me if concentrating on equality in distribution, treatment, opportunities and rights.
  • Religion – being accessible and relevant
    I was raised a Christian (a Preacher’s Kid)and I guess I’d still regard myself as one, although I don’t attend church.  That is because I am troubled by how irrelevant, judgemental and inaccessible it can be to the everyday person.  I mean no offence, as for each of these issues, but it is something I have felt strongly about for a long time.
  • Water
    I love to see,hear, feel, smell, taste water.   Most of this relates to sea water (taste relates to fresh chilled water) but I will explain in time.  It’s one thing I can’t do without.
  • Space for me
    After many years of parading as a wanna-be extrovert, I have come to terms with who I really am.  I am an introvert.  I love my own space and am fiercely protective of it.  Please don’t feel sorry for me.  I don’t.  I am quite happy to be me.
  • Peace not war
    This is where I start to be accused of being unrealistic.  I don’t care.  What I feel strongly about is that there has to be a better way of solving problems than by killing innocent people and sending innocent young people to war.

That’s my list.  I didn’t get to 10 passions and I am not about to make some up to make up numbers.  There are other things I feel strongly about but these are the big ones for me.  So in the coming days I will tell you about them, one at a time.  They are listed here in no particular order and again my order of addressing them will be random.

I guess I sum up my passions by the thought of someone/some people/ some animal constantly saying to me what about me?  They ask me to feel strongly.  It’s the least I can do.


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