The Season For Awards

I am delighted to tell you that today I have (twice) been nominated for:

The Versatile Blogger Award

by Reversing Insanity and

Kevin from Reson8 Freedom.

I much appreciate their votes of confidence and support for my blog. So a huge thank you to both of you.  This award requires that I now  tell you seven things about myself which you might not know and that I nominate somewhere between 10 and 15 (am confused over how many are required) other blogs which I follow.  Shortly I will tell you the seven things but I am choosing not to nominate right now because there seem to be a lot of awards floating around  and it would seem sensible to wait for a bit.  So I hope I am not breaking the rules too much, but I want to make my nominations worth something.  I don’t want to just tell you who I read but would rather tell you the ones I really enjoy and get a lot from.

Seven things about me:

Image via Karen in the Kitchen

1.  My favourite fruit is chocolate dipped strawberries.  Yes, and the chocolate is essential and for my purposes is regarded as part of the fruit.  And white chocolate is not acceptable as it is really just an imposter.  Okay in small doses if necessary but otherwise I stick with the real thing.

2.  The childrens book I have the fondest memories of is ‘The Little Red Hen‘ by Carla Dijs.  I’m not sure why, except it is the earliest book I can remember and I always felt good when I read it (or looked at the pictures).

3. A book that I have no hesitation in recommending, and was once very useful to me is ‘How I Stayed Alive When My Brain was Trying To Kill Me‘ by Susan Rose Blauner.  This is a really great, practical book for anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts.  It is easy to read and the suggestions are practical.  When I was struggling with suicidal thoughts it offered a way of thinking that just made sense.

4. My favourite perfume is FCUK.

5. I am divorced with no children (for a variety of reasons that I will get into one day.  Watch this space).  I am in between pets, after my cat Penny died recently (check out my blog post Rest in Peace).  I can’t decide whether I want another cat or a dog.  Again, watch this space.

This was so me - in a former life!

6.  I used to be an addicted gym junkie.  Fibromyalgia and lack of motivation has ruled this out for now, as well as ruling out the running I used to do.  I loved the gym and was there daily.  To be honest, as part of my past anorexia I often over-exercised and was not only exercising daily but several times a day.  Completely addicted at various times but thankfully the addiction is gone now.  Rest in peace!

7.  I like a variety of music.  It’s hard to pick a genre but music has always been an important part of my life, mostly through singing and playing the flute.  Unfortunately it is another thing that is resting in peace as I seem only to find time to listen nowdays.  I love New Zealand music and here is a clip of one of my favourites from Neil Finn.  I hope you enjoy!


5 thoughts on “The Season For Awards

  1. boldkevin

    Hi 🙂

    I got tagged this morning in the Tagging Game part ii and since I have to then tag 11 bloggers I of course had to include you.

    Apologies if you have already done this or are fed up with the game already (it seems that I am behind the times a little with all this)

    But should you wish to play along here are my answers.

    Kind Regards


  2. colineagle

    Wow, you’re on fire! Hahahaha.
    I just love strawberryes too! With chocolate it’s just the perfect combination.
    Keep up with the good work! 😀

  3. I loved “The Little Red Hen”!!! I could never remember it’s name, just the basic story, so for years I’d say to myself, “Not I,” said the ______. “Not I, said the ______” etc. because I couldn’t remember which animals refused to help, but who all wanted to eat at the end of the story. Thank you, Cate, for helping my memory!! 😀

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