I got a Tell Me About Yourself Award

Today I am very proud to tell you that Kevin from Reson8 Freedom has very generously nominated me for a Tell Me About Yourself award.  Thank you very much Kevin.  I love that you have nominated me and very much like the sense that my writing is appreciated.

I have to tell you that I much appreciate that my blog has been nominated, not least of all because of this blog’s relative infancy.

According to the rules of the award I, in accepting the award, have to now…

Thank the person that nominated me first and link the blog to that person before you start.  (Which I have done)

Then I have to tell the world 7 things  you might find interesting about myself.

Then I have to add my 7 nominees.

My parents kitchen in Feb 2012. The building has now been demolished,

7 things about me1. I live in an earthquake shattered city (Christchurch, New Zealand) and have experienced 10,000 quakes in the last 16 months.  Like most residents I can pretty accurate pick the Richter scale of an individual quake without reference to geologists.  My house is very badly damaged and continues to decline as more quakes hit and I expect that I maybe have to wait up to four years to get it repaired.  If you are a builder, there are plenty of job vacancies in my city!  On a good note it does seem that finally the after shocks are subsiding… but if they suddenly pick up frequency again I will know it was all my fault for say this.  Meantime I’d rather be here than in Japan.

2. My favourite beverage is… coffee.  real, strong and with low-fat milk thanks.  I don’t actually drink a lot (maybe two or three cups a day) but I need what I have.  My choice is a (large) trim flat white.  For those readers not in my part of the world that means half espresso, half hot (low-fat) milk.  Can’t beat it!

3. I regularly get up at before 5.00am (without the benefit of an alarm).  I used to struggle to get up in the morning whatever time the alarm went off.  The snooze button was my best friend.  After years of severe depression I finally realised that my mood gets significantly worse as the day goes on, and that actually I am a morning person… and I should make the most of it.  So I altered my bedtime so I avoid the bad moments at the end of the day and now get up early to enjoy some morning chill out time… and the sunrise (can’t beat it!).  For some bizarre reason I love being awake when most others are still in bed.

image from blog.kir.com

4. I ran an official half marathon just before I turned 40, as well as several unofficial ones in training.  I was never a natural runner but I loved getting out in the early morning and running around the nearby river.  I admit I ran the most appalling time in the half marathon but only because I pulled a hamstring within the first two kilometres and hobbled the rest of the way (determined that there was no way I was pulling out).  By the end I could scarcely walk.  But I did it!

5. I have a degree in social work and sociology, having completed it as a mature student (the first time anyone called me mature).

Broadfields Mushrooms
Image via lucys.co.nz

6.  My favourite vegetable is mushrooms.  I’ll take them any way they come.  I am lucky because one of my brother’s loves me so much (that’s what I tell myself anyway)that he bought a mushroom farm a couple of years back.  Wonderful mushrooms and I’m not in the least bit biased.

7. I love nail polish… it’s just I never get around to putting it on.  The thought is there though and that’s what counts.

And my nominations for the Tell Me About Yourself award go to (in no particular order):

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Stick-to-itiveness (sticktoitiveness.wordpress.com)

Hopes and fears (colinaquila.wordpress.com)

Mike Anubis (mikesanubis.wordpress.com)

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4 thoughts on “I got a Tell Me About Yourself Award

  1. colineagle

    Thanks for nominating me! It really made my day! I realy like your blog, so it’s quite a honor. Hope I can stand up for it.

  2. Wow. I am completely the same with nail polish – though I did paint my nails for the first time in five months a few weeks ago (it’s all chipping off now). I thought it was just me! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

    1. Nice to know we’re not that strange after all. Congratulations on getting around to painting. I can’t say I have got that far. I think about it but it just doesn’t happen. 🙂

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