Bricks… courtesy of a friend

Image from salforddaily.blogspot.comSometimes, someone else can say it better.

This time I read the entry on my friend’s blog reversing insanity and knew she said it so much better than I could…  it says so much to me about what goes on that I asked her permission to reblog.  But when I did, I lost all the formatting so have had to do it as a new post.  So please be clear, it is not my work but that of my good friend.

by Reversing Insanity

Private garden, surrounding serene

Encapsulates beauty, but remains still unseen

Behind a tall wall of foliage and brick

No one knows what’s inside it or what makes it tick

Flowers can bloom the cast of moonglow

Or ivy can dance with the wind as it blows

Sometimes it bites like a thorn to your thumb

On occasion in harmony it creates a sweet hum

But that was before, long before the war

It’s so sad what went on behind that garden door

The internal struggles just became too much

Those walls kept out all of those with loving touch

Afraid to expose, to have the ugliness seen

Keeping everyone out, left on no one to lean

Things started to die, little by little

Start on the outside and worked toward the middle

The decay of the place was simply quite tragic

But to reverse what’s been done would need some strong magic

Convincing something to live that feels like dying

An impossible feat, but it’s surely worth trying

As the vines shrivel and the sweet blooms retreat

The soft moss grows hard and surrenders defeat

Nothing dances in here, at least anymore

The joy is depleted and can’t be restored

If you could get in there, it’d be no place to roam

Even wildlife and insects won’t call it a home

It’s full of sorrow, it’s just given in

The bricks are now so high, the sun can’t even get in

It just sits on a plot of dirt and dead trees

It’s fortress so tight, can’t feel a warm breeze

Climb the wall if you dare, but you’ll never get out

I’m not really a garden, I’m your head full of doubt


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